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10 Thoughts for Thursday

1. Winter. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s also almost OVER and I have to say, I’m ready to photograph some greeeeeen!

2. I found myself getting really excited about a “best of early ’00” playlist the other night, and I realized that these were the songs my friends and I would drive around to in high school – I’m starting to feel old.

3.  It was the season finale of This Is Us on Tuesday. I’m not ready for it to be over!! Anyone else?

4. Cutting your finger on a cheese grater – it’s the worst! You literally grate a piece of skin off – and I always seem to hit a knuckle – which means I’ll just constantly re-open the wound for days after.

5. All of the Easter candy!!!! So far I’ve managed to keep my shopping to the new carrot cake flavoured kisses (YUM) and mini eggs. Have you tried my mini egg skillet cookie yet!?

6.  When the motion-activated washroom functions aren’t working, and you stand there like a fool waving your hands like crazy under the soap, tap or paper towel dispenser. Gah!

7.  Guys, I’m 33 weeks pregnant. That baby is coming sooooon! (Terrified).

8.  I made this lemon curd from Nourish and Fete this past weekend, to make up part of a cake I’m posting next week for a Spring blog hop! If you haven’t made lemon curd, you need to try. It’s SO good! And so easy!

9.  I finally got to wear my new rain boots the other day. Love them! ♥

10. Are you doing anything for St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday?! We are actually going OUT – who am I? Our friends have booked a table at the dueling pianos. Wish me luck.  Oh  – and these green monster muffins are pretty much perfect for Saturday. Tried them yet??

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  1. I’m so ready for spring! Bring it I say. Though, the month is flying by. Girl, if you were listening to early 2000’s songs in high school. then you are younger than me so no need to feel old, chicka! Cutting your finger on a cheese grater sucks (trying to stupidly remove pastry from a pastry cutter is not fun either). So excited for your new baby girl. So much to look forward to! P.S. I could totally use your rain boots today…it’s pouring here (but so much better than snow, lol). XO

    • Sooo ready for spring!! But you’re right – it’s actually the middle of March today. Where is the time going? Hah – well I’m sorry if I made you feel old too!! Thanks for the heads up on the pastry cutter – definitely something I would do! Thank you Dawn!!! I will trade you our snow for your rain. Deal?! Have a great weekend friend!! XO

  2. can’t wait to meet your little bub!!!! and that cheese grater story literally made me shudder urgh it’s the worst! getting excited for some warmer weather too 😉 happy Thursday!

  3. So ready for spring Katherine! LOVE those rain boots! I’m so excited to see this baby girl!

  4. I’m so glad you liked the lemon curd- I’m addicted to the stuff!! And I so hear you on the cheese grater thing – I once took off a serious chunk of thumb grating butter for scones. I never make scones without thinking of that, and it was YEARS ago!

    • I can’t believe I’d never tried making it before! It’s so delicious – great recipe!! Uuuugh that freaks me out, Monica! I would definitely have that in the back of my mind every time I make scones too. Kitchen hazards!!!

  5. Come on spring! I’ve been seeing the crocus poke up their pretty little heads – yay!!

    I know you’re nervous about the new baby, but, you know what? It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!! xoxo

  6. Cutting fingers on grayer does suck!! I can’t believe how close your due date is!! Bring on baby and spring!

  7. Hahaha I can never get the water/soap/paper towels to come out of the motion machines in the bathroom. What am I doing wrong?? Love that skillet cookie….I am not sure I could control myself around that!! And yay that baby is almost here!!! 🙂

  8. Ugh, cheese grater injuries are awful! And OMG, those boots are so cute. I’d be hoping for a couple more weeks of winter if it meant I got to show them off a few more times. 😉

  9. crumbtopbaking

    I can always relate to so many of your “10 thoughts” posts! And I can totally relate to your second one on this list. The other day I read an article about things that happened in 1998. It made me feel ancient! I couldn’t believe that some of the things happened 20 years ago! On another note. Your 33 weeks! You’re almost there!

  10. Those are some stunning pictures!!! I’m a person who cannot stand the cold, but those photos are mesmerizing and might just convert me:)

  11. I love your snow photos! They are so peaceful looking. Even though I don’t like snow (it’s the 20 icy steps I have to walk down every day, really!), your photos make me wish it were snow here! But I may just need to make theat scrumptious skillet cookie instead! YUM!

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