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1. Winter. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s also almost OVER and I have to say, I’m ready to photograph some greeeeeen!

2. I found myself getting really excited about a “best of early ’00” playlist the other night, and I realized that these were the songs my friends and I would drive around to in high school – I’m starting to feel old.

3.  It was the season finale of This Is Us on Tuesday. I’m not ready for it to be over!! Anyone else?

4. Cutting your finger on a cheese grater – it’s the worst! You literally grate a piece of skin off – and I always seem to hit a knuckle – which means I’ll just constantly re-open the wound for days after.

5. All of the Easter candy!!!! So far I’ve managed to keep my shopping to the new carrot cake flavoured kisses (YUM) and mini eggs. Have you tried my mini egg skillet cookie yet!?

6.  When the motion-activated washroom functions aren’t working, and you stand there like a fool waving your hands like crazy under the soap, tap or paper towel dispenser. Gah!

7.  Guys, I’m 33 weeks pregnant. That baby is coming sooooon! (Terrified).

8.  I made this lemon curd from Nourish and Fete this past weekend, to make up part of a cake I’m posting next week for a Spring blog hop! If you haven’t made lemon curd, you need to try. It’s SO good! And so easy!

9.  I finally got to wear my new rain boots the other day. Love them! ♥

10. Are you doing anything for St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday?! We are actually going OUT – who am I? Our friends have booked a table at the dueling pianos. Wish me luck.  Oh  – and these green monster muffins are pretty much perfect for Saturday. Tried them yet??

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  1. I love your snow photos! They are so peaceful looking. Even though I donโ€™t like snow (itโ€™s the 20 icy steps I have to walk down every day, really!), your photos make me wish it were snow here! But I may just need to make theat scrumptious skillet cookie instead! YUM!

    1. Aah I don’t like snow either, Laura – especially when it’s icy!! It’s always a good idea to make skillet cookies though ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you!!