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1.  CHERRIES! I was so thrilled when my friends in Kelowna sent a ton of cherries from their tree back home to me in Calgary! It’s been hard deciding what to do with them. I’ve made cherry cheesecake brownies (coming soon), and a cherry baked oatmeal so far! So far, so good. 

2.  The Calgary Stampede!  We’re hitting it up today…the fair is a “Stranger Things” theme. How fun!! 

3.  Folding a fitted sheet. How do you do it? Do you have an actual method that works for you, or do you just kind of haphazardously jam it together and throw it in the closet (like me)?

4.  My cake for Canada Day. Did you see it on Instagram?! It was just a mini cheesecake – the right size for our little fam!

5.  Hotel TV remotes. Do they gross anyone else out!? Of course Hattie just HAD to suck on it while we were in Vegas….

6.  THE GRAND CANYON! I’m so glad I finally got to see it. I tried to go see it a few years ago but there was a snowstorm with white-out conditions…who would have guessed that could happen in Nevada!? PS – $20 to whoever can spot the helicopter in my photo on the right 😉 

7.  I’m the WORST for leaving a tissue in a pocket before I do a load of laundry! Tiny shreds of white tissue everywhere….

8.  My chocolate nice cream pie. You seriously have to try it!!!

9.  Stranger Things 3 on Netflix. We’re loving it!!! I wish there were more than 8 episodes!

10. The GIANT lineup to get on the plane the minute they announce it’s time to board. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m really in no rush to sit in that tiny little cramped seat…maybe that’s just me?

Hope you had a happy Canada Day or a happy 4th – whatever you were celebrating! 



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  1. Haha! I love your 10 thoughts! I always have so many things to say in response! I can’t fold a fitted sheet to save my life. It usually just gets rolled up! Hotel remotes totally gross me out. I travel with lysol wipes, and the remote is the first thing I wipe down! I’ve been to Vegas twice, but never made it to the Grand Canyon. Your photos look awesome! And I seriously just washed a load of laundry with a tissue last week. With the flurry of white pieces that came out of the washer, you’d think I had an entire box of tissues in there!! Such a mess.Thanks for this! Happy almost weekend Katherine!

    1. Haha thank you Leanne, I’m so glad you can appreciate all of my rants! I always just roll up my fitted sheets too – and YES I wipe down my remotes too, especially since my kids are ON them right away!! Hope you had a terrific weekend my friend!

  2. So cool that your fair is Stranger Things themed!! SO jealous! We are about to finish Stranger Things 3 and I’m SO NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED!! I told my husband he has to grow out his mustache because I love Hopper so much LOL!! Also, I totally just ball up my fitted sheet and throw it into the closet because ain’t nobody got time for that!

    1. I know you love Stranger Things as much as I do, Haylie! And I saw your Insta post about watching the ending and your heart breaking. Mine did too, girl!!! I’m still getting over it and it’s been almost a week, haha! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. These 10 thoughts are classic – many are my thoughts exactly! The fitted sheet? Ha – i pretend to “fold” it. That’s about all I can do. Ridiculous. Stranger Things? I’m a fan! Tv remote in hotels? I need to take a zip-loc bag with me to put it in before I use it. And I completely agree about the line for the plane – I’m in No rush to sit in a tiny seat. Nice post!

    1. Haha thanks Laura – I think these particular 10 thoughts struck a chord with a few friends! Those fitted sheets are just silly, haha! Hope you had a great weekend my friend!

  4. Haha!! I’m notorious for leaving tissue in my pockets. It is not unusual for my laundry to come out with a coating of snowflakes.That remote thing would have freaked me out. My inner germaphobe lets loose at hotels. I wipe down everything with disinfecting wipes including light switches, remotes, and even the hair dryer.😆

    1. Hahah YES that’s our laundry too, way more than I’d like to admit!! I totally wipe down things at hotels too – it all grosses me out so much!!