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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!

I’d ask “what’s new”….but I think we’re all kind of in the same boat right now, living in some weird time warp where every day feels the same. Have you been out and about since things have relaxed? I have been day dreaming of sitting on a patio sipping a margarita, but I think for now I’ll be kicking back on my back deck.

Anyway, here goes with my latest 10 Thoughts for Thursday:

1. See the ice cream above? I’m obsessed with no-churn ice creams, if you didn’t already know. This one is a plain vanilla mixed with chocolate ganache and dulce de leche. And M&M’s. So good!!!!!

2. Lord of the Rings. (And The Hobbit)! Etienne and I just finished the ENTIRE SERIES. We had to split some of the movies up into 3 nights because they are SO LONG! But so good! 

3. Gum smackers. For the love of God, if you are chewing gum DO NOT SMACK IT. And keep the bubble popping to a minimum!

4. Did you catch Wally’s big Instagram live debut!? We made these no-bake birthday cake snack balls using LIVA date sugar. The recipe is also on Instagram if you want to try them but I’ll try and get it published on the blog sometime soon! 

5. Camping. Are you going camping this year?! Things are definitely different this year, and we sadly won’t be doing any cross-country adventures, BUT we are hitting the road this weekend to test out the new trailer!

6. Smart Sweets. Have I raved about these yet? If you’re a candy lover you’ll definitely appreciate them!

7. Some words confuse me when I’m writing. For example: is it “some day or someday” and is it “sometime or some time”…and what about “every day or everyday”. Is this just me!?

8. Dalgona coffee. Have you tried it? Did you love it? Think it’s kind of “meh”? I made it like crazy for a few days and have since forgotten about it!

9. Masks. I know a lot of us are wearing them and its a good thing, but it still doesn’t feel normal to me when I see them out and about. I can’t believe this is normal life now!

10. SUMMER FRUITS! I’m so excited for summer produce. I am waiting for the day when I can buy giant clamshells of blueberries and make a blueberry pie or galette!


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  1. You’ve got a lot on your mind, my friend! 😉 I missed Wally’s IG debut, darn it. I’ll keep an eye out for the next one. Definitely on team confusing words – just this morning I was questioning a while vs. awhile and looked it up…after reading the rule, I still can remember when to use which, lol! Definitely looking forward to summer produce (peaches, blueberries, and corn oh my!). Have a wonderful weekend in your new camper, Katherine!

    1. So much on my mind, all of the time! Haha. I am glad I’m not alone when it comes to the word confusion, Marissa. Maybe it’s just been too long since school. Thank you Marissa!

  2. YUM, that m&m ice cream looks so marvelous, and you are 100% right on about gum smacking! Slurping is one that also makes me bonkers. And why does it always seems like it’s the people who are otherwise composed that seem to do these two things with complete abandon?! 😉

    1. Slurping does make me SO crazy too! Haha and you are sooo right, Catherine. I can think of a few otherwise composed individuals with these two properties…

  3. haha I was obsessed with Dalgona Coffee but now the trend is over for me. Maybe I’ll have it again when I’m craving it but it’s had its hey day on social media haha.

    1. It has had it’s day, haha! I might have to make it again soon though. It is quite good!

  4. Yes!! Gum smackers make me crazy too!! I also find myself perplexed with how to use words; I’m guessing I was not paying close enough attention back in my school days!🙄. Still haven’t gotten on the Dalgona coffee craze, I’ll have to try it one of these days. And yes!!!!!! Sooooooo ready for fresh local berries! Hope you had a great weekend breaking in the new trailer!

    1. I was obviously not paying enough attention either, haha! I’m SO ready for the berries!! They’re my absolute favorite. Thank you my friend, we had a great weekend!