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1. Have you heard? It’s officially SPRING. Stay tuned – tomorrow I have a new post as part of a SPRING BLOG HOP!

2.  My creamy ranch dip. Pictured above. You’ve tried it – right?!

3.  Awkward small talk with your hairdresser. Is it just me? Unless they’re a good friend of mine or someone I’ve been going to for a long time, it’s just so awkward!

4.  Slow internet. I know, I know, internet is amazing and I should just be grateful for technology. But seriously. Waiting for pages to load!?!?

5.  CARAMILK EGGS ARE BACK. It’s worth shouting for. My FAVOURITE! When I worked at a department store many moons ago, I used to eat one every day while they were in season. Back when I had a much, much faster metabolism!

6.  When someone knocks on the public bathroom stall that you’re in. What do you say!? Yes? Someone in here? Hello? What’s the right response!?

7.  THESE BOOTS. I do not need new boots, I do not need new boots, I do not need new boots. Say it with me.

8.  The Instagram algorithm. It makes me crazy – I wish someone would just figure it out and explain it to me!

9.  My house renos!!!! Have you been checking my stories? We’re almost done! Carpets went in yesterday and the only thing left is the doors. It looks like a new home! 🙂

10. Watching someone get proposed to in real life. Have you ever actually witnessed it? I think it would give me chills! I’ve never seen it though.

Happy Thursday!!

PS – don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the SPRING BLOG HOP!

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  1. That’s so awesome that your home reno is almost done! I LOVE Hunter boots, too — that pattern is adorable! And Instagram hates me. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marcie – I can’t wait to see the finished product!! Hahah Instagram totally hates me too 🙂

  2. Mmmmm what are these Caramilk eggs you speak of?!?! I feel like I need these in my life even though I have never heard of them before! And TOTALLY HATE INSTAGRAM’s ALGORITHM’s ughhhhhhh. And the house is looking good! I don’t know how you keep your sanity between a reno and running after the kiddos though! You are super woman 🙂

    1. Whaaaat you’ve never had a Caramilk egg!? You must! It’s seriously the best. I look forward to them every year!! ARGH to Instagram!! Thanks pal – I am slowly losing my sanity lol!!