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1.  Berries! They’re starting to become more available in the grocery stores these days for less money. So excited. What’s your favourite berry? It’s a toss-up between blackberries and raspberries for me!

2.  Forgetting a birthday or anniversary for someone important in your life. It’s the worst feeling! I’m sure we’ve all done it though…right? Right!?

3.  CHERRY BUBLY! In Canada. I just found out it’s coming soon. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

4. *Spoiler Alert* The GoT theory that Brandon Stark is actually the Night King. Thoughts?! I don’t think it’s true.

5.  The plastic produce bags at the grocery store. SO difficult to open! I actually have a system now where I slightly touch the wet part of the produce and THEN open the bag – otherwise my fingers are just too dry!

6.  Mother’s Day is coming up. Here’s a delicious and elegant idea for your Mama! Vanilla bean rooibos bread!

vanilla bean rooibos bread

7.  Does anyone else love getting into a car that’s been warmed up from sitting in the sun? LOVE IT. If I don’t have kids with me in the car I will sometimes just sit in there and relax for a bit.

8.  This homemade ginger beer concentrate from Cookie and Kate. I’ve been enjoying them in a few Moscow mules! So good and so much easier on the wallet!

9.  Hattie turns 1 on Saturday. 1!!! Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday I was pregnant and awaiting her arrival!? Man! Time flies.

10. Today is national zucchini bread day! This summer I promise you a zucchini bread recipe!

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  1. Give my hug to Hattie 🙂 We both are crazy about berries, all kinds. Love your vitamins loaded bowl !

  2. I always love your 10 thoughts Katherine! I like your tip for the produce bag because I always struggle with those too. And homemade ginger beer concentrate? I need to check out that recipe. I’m all about the moscow mules lately! And thanks for the heads up on zucchini bread day! I’ll have to share mine on IG today 😉

    1. Those produce bags can be so annoying!! You would love the homemade ginger beer – you can use agave or honey so its better for you too! Cheers, Leanne!

  3. Love reading your ’10 thoughts’. Isn’t there ALWAYS a food holiday? And most times, I forget, lol. I can’t believe Hattie is turning 1 so soon! It is crazy how time flies! The loaf is absolutely beautiful! Picture perfect! I can’t say I understand about the warm car just yet. It’s freezing rain here today. Eeeeek! Have a wonderful weekend ahead! XOXO

    1. There is ALWAYS a food holiday haha it would be impossible to remember them all! Thank you Dawn – it is super tasty too!! AAAH freezing rain!?!? We’re supposed to get snow this weekend. Come ON summer, right!? XO

  4. What a fun post! I’ve been wanting to incorporate a post similar to this on my blog – so thanks for the inspo! My fave berry is definitely strawberry! My husband and I just went strawberry picking a couple days ago! SO fun!

    1. Thanks Haylie! It’s a nice change sometimes from just posting about food all of the time 🙂 Strawberry picking!! How fun!! Have a great weekend my friend!

  5. That bowl of fruit is beautiful and I’m dying to have it now!😋 I do the same thing at the grocery store to open up those dang bags. I love warming up in the car that’s been heated by the sun, except during the summer when I open the doors and stand outside to let it cool before getting in. And happy 1st birthday to Hattie!!

    1. Thanks Thao – I LOVE fresh berries!! Hah yes the warm car is only wonderful on cooler days, not hot summer ones!! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  6. Bran is definitely not the Night King:) Will be drinking tequila mules this Sunday for the new episode because it will be scary and I need the courage. Thanks to linking out to that ginger beer concentrate – very timely, lol! Cheers to your little one!

    1. Whew, glad you squashed that theory, Milena. I am on the edge of my seat – we’re about to start the new episode right away!! Thank you my friend!

  7. No, please don’t let Bran by the Night King or I’m not watching it anymore (well not that I could) but I swear I’ll be as upset as the red wedding. I’ve totally become hooked on reusable produce bags now. They can go straight in the washing machine too. And happy birthday Hattie. How has it been a year already??

    1. I KNOW, I would be so upset too. I don’t think it’s true – check out Milena’s comment below haha! I have never seen a re-useable produce bag!? I’m all about the re-useable shopping bags so I’ll have to check these out. I don’t know how it’s already been a year since having Hattie!! XO

  8. What?!?! Hattie is already turning one? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating you with the virtual baby shower! How quickly time flies! My favorite berries are strawberries and I am so excited for them to come back into season! Love your Thursday Thoughts! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  9. Love the tip about the plastic produce bags at the grocery store, I can’t wait to give it a try…they drive me crazy and I have tomatoes in one hand and trying to get them in the bag with the other. One year old, now that is a special day for sure.

    1. YES that drives me crazy too – I always feel silly when I’m standing there trying to open the bag for 5 minutes haha! Thanks Karen 🙂

  10. I love all the berries – especially when they’re cheaper! And your little banana hearts are too cute! Bran the Night King? Now that’s an interesting theory. Can’t wait to find out! Your Vanilla Bean Rooibos bread is perfect for Mother’s Day. I’m so curious to know how the Rooibos affects the flavor. Happy Birthday to Hattie! They grow so fast!

    1. Aaah berries!! I eat them like candy – love them!! I can’t wait to find out either – we’re about to start the newest episode and I can’t wait!! Thanks Kelly – they really do grow so fast!