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10 thoughts for thursday

I know “fall” has been happening for a while for most of you, but for us, it’s FINALLY fall. We were hit with a giant snowstorm a few weeks ago, but we’ve had beautiful, sunny weather the past week and it’s been glorious. And yes. The snow has melted! And now, a few thoughts for you:

1.  When you finally get a chance to sit down and watch some quality TV, get all cozy with your blanket, prop your feet up, maybe have a hot cup of tea next to you and a snack, and you realize the remote is no where near you.

2.  The Good Place. Anyone else love this show!? I just started binging it on Netflix.

3.  Mini chocolate bars. I have a love-hate relationship with these. I love that I can sample many different flavours at once without too much guilt, but I hate that I JUST.CAN’T. STOP.

4.  My cranberry almond popcorn balls!! Made with microwave popcorn from Quinn Snacks. Try them!

5.  Dunkaroos. Did you ever have these as a kid?! My Mom wouldn’t buy them for our school lunches, and now I understand why. It’s literally just cookies with icing. For a school snack….

6.  When you miss a phone call by mere seconds, you IMMEDIATELY call back and there’s no answer. Like did the person who called you just throw the phone and run away!?

7.  Coconut oil. Has anyone else been hearing about how it’s actually bad for you?! This is unfortunate news for someone who uses it ALLLL the time!

8.  When you’re waiting for what feels like FOREVER in the “little room” at the doctor’s office with the door shut, after you’ve made it past the “big waiting room” and you start wondering if they’ve forgotten about you, but you don’t want to venture out of the little room to inquire. Especially if you’re wearing a gown. What do you do!?

9.  The Clockmaker’s Daughter. I’ve been waiting for this book forever! I can’t wait to start it!

10. When you have to start a new roll of toilet paper but you can’t get the roll started and end up clawing at it like a rabid dog.

That’s it for me. Happy Thursday!!

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  1. Um, every single time my mom calls me I live #6 on your list. Every. Single. Time. And coconut oil! YES–I’ve been hearing about that too. But my feeling is that nobody really knows whats healthy and what isn’t; it changes constantly! So I’ll keep eating coconut oil ’cause in a few years it’ll be healthy again :). Have a great week, Katherine!

    1. Hah!! It’s so annoying! That totally sounds like a Mom thing to do 🙂 Yes I’m with you, Kelsie! They’ll be changing their recommendations before you know it and it’ll be good for you again! Thanks Kelsie!