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Hi! It’s Family Day here in Alberta. Not only does it mean I get an extra day with my husband around to help with the kiddos, it means we get that extra day to actually spend time as a family instead of simply running errands and attending various weekend activities. If you’ve got the day off too, how are you going to spend it?

I’ve already talked a lot about my family and how much I adore them, but Family Day seems like the perfect opportunity to gush a little more. Of course, our life isn’t perfect, and more often than not there is some screaming and crying reverberating off the walls, but all in all I consider myself really lucky.When I look back at my family growing up, it seems pretty picture perfect. Obviously, it wasn’t perfect, but it’s easy to just remember the good times like playing games on a Sunday afternoon and going cross-country skiing at night, looking up at the stars. My parents were wonderful, and I know that not everyone can say that. My Dad worked really hard to provide for us and injected humor and fun into almost all situations. My Mom stayed at home while we grew up, and now that I am at home (currently on maternity leave) I can really appreciate how much work that actually is!Etienne and I are working really hard to create that warm, loving and fun family environment that every child deserves. Some days it is easier than others (see screaming and crying reference above) but all in all we’re having a lot of fun. Some of our little traditions so far include:

  • Sunday brunch. Sunday morning means an extra special breakfast (recipes to come!) and a little extra time all together at the kitchen table.
  • Weekend walks. Unless the weather is really terrible, we always get out as a family to go for a nice walk and usually hit a playground along the way – and sometimes a Starbucks.
  • Friday curry night. So far this one is only enjoyed by Etienne and I, although I think we’ll be able to bring Wally onto the spicy bandwagon fairly soon. Thai is our favorite but we also enjoy a good Indian curry!
  • Meatless Mondays! We started this little tradition a couple of years ago and have (mostly) stuck to it.

As the boys get older I look forward to more and more family traditions, trips, and memories. What are some of your favorite family traditions?

Happy Family Day!

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