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1. Dehydrated apple chips. Amazing!! Etienne’s parents bought us a dehydrator and I sliced up a whole bag of apples and 7 hours later, a perfectly baby/toddler/mama friendly portable, delicious healthy snack was created! If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can do it in your oven: The Spruce tells you how! I used my amazing apple peeler to slice the apples. It is the best thing ever. It takes minutes to slice a whole bag of apples! Plus it’s fun for kids.

2. I really despise shrimp with legs. Ugh. I LOVE shrimp, but I like to pretend that their natural state is pre-peeled. Something about those tiny little legs on my food just freaks me right out. Don’t even get me started on calamari.

3. The placement of so many pedestrian-crossing buttons is ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STREETLIGHT!! Why, Calgary!? This road is so busy. I always have to put the brake on my stroller so I can snake my arm around to press the button. I especially don’t want my young kids having to practically step into the road to press the button! Just put it on the other side.

4. Some weeks we eat the same thing for DAYS because I’m recipe testing. We ate a lot of golden lentil curry in various forms until I got it right. Sorry but not sorry to my family.

5. Does anyone else begin putting leftovers into a container, and then realize it’s too small? It’s a real problem. Do you then get another container, thereby having 2 small containers of the same thing, or abort the first container and get a larger container, meaning you have to then wash the smaller one? Anyone?

6. I think I’ve seen more half movies than full movies, because I turn into a pumpkin at 9pm and ALWAYS fall asleep halfway through.

7. I really love dropping Wally into Oscar’s bed when he wakes up from his nap. Wally is usually drooling and kicking and grabbing at all of Oscar’s stuffies and blankets. It’s akin to someone dropping a pot-bellied pig into your bed the minute you wake up. So funny!

8. I’m working on a new logo for my website. I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned!

9. We started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. So sad, but so addicting! If you need a good binge-worthy show, try it out.

10. I’ve been craving matcha ice cream big-time. I do not have an ice cream maker (why!?) but I found this recipe from Spoonful that tells you how to do it without a machine. It’s on my agenda for this weekend!

Have a great weekend friends!!



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  1. I’m cracking up about the shrimp with legs. They look so scary when they have legs on them don’t they? Ugh! Have a great weekend, Katherine!

  2. Hahaha I ALWAYS start off putting leftovers in too small of a container. I usually end up putting them in a larger container and washing the smaller one. Whamp whamp. And I totally need to watch that show on Netflix! Thanks for the recommendation! Love this post 🙂 xoxo

    1. YES! I think I usually go that route as well. I’d rather have 1 container than 2 in my fridge! Thank you for reading my random ramblings!! XOXO