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10 Thoughts for Thursday

1. Cookbook revivals! I think my “nesting” urges have been kicking in, and I’m finding myself sorting through cabinets and cupboards that are crammed full of STUFF. One of them had some cookbooks I had totally forgotten about. Stay tuned.

2.  HEARTBURN. The latest pregnancy complaint – they say to stay away from spicy food, but come on! I need to live. Feel sorry for me.

3.  This coat. Neeeeeeed!!

4.  Tangled up fine chain necklaces. Gaah! I cannot handle it – I currently have a pile of said necklaces that I really just need someone to untangle for me before I throw them out the window.

5.  Black Mirror. Anyone else? It’s so strange, disturbing, and so addicting.

6. When you’re peeling an onion, or a garlic clove and the skin just isn’t coming off. It’s such a tedious task – similar to untangling fine chain necklaces….does anyone have any tips for this!?

7.  I’m making these bars tomorrow – I finally bought some Cheerios just for this purpose!!

8.  People who wear sunglasses inside. Just stop. (Unless you have a legit reason for this, in which case I apologize for being presumptuous).

9.  When you’re snacking on something super crunchy while watching TV, and you have to turn on the closed captions so you can understand what’s going on over your crunching (or is it just me….)?

10. It’s National margarita day – seems like a weird holiday for February, but in any case, you should celebrate with one of these blackberry grapefruit margaritas!


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  1. Oh my goodness Katherine! I feel like we are long lost sisters, because I am like “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” on everything you said hahaha. And people that wear sunglasses indoors just seem shady to me lol 😉 I hope your heart burn gets better….I don’t think I could give up spice either though. Loved this post!! XOXO

    1. HAHA! I’m so glad you can relate to all of my little rants. Thank you Kelly! The heartburn will go away once the baby pops out hah! Until then, I’m Tums’ biggest consumer 😉

  2. I hear ya on the tangled necklaces Katherine! I don’t know how many times I’ve turned to my husband and said “here, please figure this out!”. I have a few with permanent knots in them. It’s just part of the necklace now! 😉

    1. Husbands are surprisingly good at these things – my old roommate was actually the best. I miss him for that! I’ve got a few with permanent knots too…!