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1.  Zucchini. So much zucchini!! I love having an excess in the summer, so every year we’ve been planting 3 zucchini plants. Keep your eye out for LIMO zucchini recipes coming soon!

2.  Recipe fails. We’re currently eating our way through a lot of frozen something that didn’t work out quite as planned. #thestruggleisreal

3.  I cut Wally’s hair again (insert face palm). It was going so good, until I decided the bangs were too long. Idiot! He’s a little less Lloyd Christmas this time, but a lot more Moe Howard.

4.  When you’re driving in a new area and you’re looking for the street signs but they are either hidden behind overgrown trees or they are placed so far down the street that you don’t see it until after you’ve driven past!! Commence the U-turn.

5.  Line etiquette. I thought a lot about this while we were traveling in Portugal. Please, if you’re in a long line, keep a healthy distance people. No one needs to feel your breath on their neck.

6. My lovely flowers. These cascading petunias are my favourite to grow in a pot! They’re colourful, hardy, and last all summer long. How I love you, summer!

10 thoughts for thursday

7.  Game of Thrones (eeeeek)!!! Enough said.

8.  I prefer my cheese sliced thin, to thick. It tastes so much better. What about you?

9.  ROCKS IN MY SANDALS! Gaaah. I need to stop wearing my Birkenstocks to the playground – so many little pebbles trying to worm their way in between my toes and under the palm of my foot.

10. Today is National Ice Cream Soda Day. I haven’t had an ice cream soda in years but I’m thinking today is the day.


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  1. I love your 10 things!! And darn those recipe fails! Ughh! Have a great weekend! Xoxo