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Spinach Crackers

These bite-sized parmesan and spinach crackers are the easiest and most delicious vegetable crackers recipe! They’re perfect as a snack for kids or adults alike!

green monster crackers

*Please note* this post was originally published in 2017. I’ve since redone the text but the recipe remains the same.

So, it happened. It snowed yesterday! Really snowed. I am so not ready for this winter weather, as magical as a fresh snowfall can be; however, I do enjoy that feeling of coziness while sitting on the couch watching the wind swirling and blowing the snow around. I also love going to bed listening to the howling wind…aaah winter. Wait – it’s October 3!? So not winter yet.

Winter weather aside, you’ve heard me talk about what a picky eater Oscar is. When he was younger, I was so paranoid about his iron intake that I would sneak all sorts of iron-clad things into his diet – especially spinach. Everything I made was green. Green muffins, green smoothies, spinach snacks of all sorts, green pasta, green donuts…..and yup – green crackers.


Oscar enjoyed these spinach crackers back in the day, and I’m happy to report that they’re still well received, by him and his little brother. They are super easy to make, and contain a whole cup of spinach. There is very little salt, other than the salt already found in the parmesan cheese. A great option if you’re looking for an easy snack for your kiddos (or for you)!

spinach crackers

How do you make parmesan and spinach crackers?

The crackers come together sooo easily! Using your food processor, blend up the spinach until is is very finely minced. Then, add the butter, egg, and parmesan cheese. Slowly mix in the flour and salt until a nice soft dough is formed, which you’ll need to chill for at least an hour. This keeps the crackers from spreading out in the oven much like cookies!

Once chilled, you can roll out the dough and cut out the shapes. I like to make these crackers a little more appealing to the kids by using fun cookie cutters, like my mini Noah’s Ark cookie cutters! I don’t actually use the “ark” cutter because I’m so tired of explaining that it’s not an animal, hah!

After rolling and cutting, the crackers only take 10 minutes to bake. You’ll get about 2 cups of crackers from this recipe. 

They’re GREAT fresh, but will definitely still taste good up to a week, if you store it in an airtight container!

Do you have to use whole wheat flour?

Personally, I love using whole wheat because of its hearty flavor and for its nutrition benefits, but you could definitely substitute with all-purpose. You may even be able to use gluten-free flour, but I haven’t tried it. If you do, let me know!

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a vegan cracker recipe, this one is not for you. It’s got egg and cheese, and I have not tried substituting either of those ingredients to see how it would hold up!

So, the next time it’s cold and snowy where you are (sooo probably not for another month at least) try warming up your kitchen with these little green monster spinach crackers!

green monster crackers

green monster crackers

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spinach crackers

Spinach Crackers

  • Author: Katherine
  • Total Time: 1 hours 50 minutes
  • Yield: 2 cups 1x


These bite-sized parmesan and spinach crackers are the easiest and most delicious vegetable crackers recipe!


  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 egg, room temperature
  • 1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour (plus more for rolling)*


  1. In a food processor, pulse the fresh spinach until finely minced. Add the butter, egg and parmesan cheese and pulse until combined. Add the in the salt, then flour, 1/2 cup at a time, pulsing slowly until a dough begins to form.
  2. Scoop the ball of dough out of the food processor and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. Store it in the fridge for at least 1 hour to allow it to completely chill (this will prevent your crackers from spreading).
  3. Preheat the oven to 350 F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. On a lightly floured surface, roll out half of the dough to about 1/4″ thickness, ensuring it is the same thickness all over. Using whichever cookie cutter you’d like, cut out the crackers and place them on the baking sheet; they will not spread so you can put them fairly close together.  Repeat with more flouring and rolling, until all of the dough is used up.
  4. Bake the crackers for about 10 minutes, until the edges just start to turn brown. Remove from the oven and after cooling for 5 minutes, remove the crackers to a wire cooling rack until completely cooled.

Crackers can be stored at room temperature, in an airtight container, for about 1 week. You can also freeze them for up to 2 months, thawing at room temperature before eating.


  1. All-purpose flour can be substituted.
  2. If you’re using these for baby-led-weaning, just be aware of the salt content in the parmesan cheese – I gave them to both of my babies.

Recipe originally adapted from Veronica’s Cornucopia. 

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: snacks
  • Method: oven bake
  • Cuisine: american

Keywords: spinach crackers // spinach snacks // baby cracker recipe

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Spinach Crackers


  1. These are absolutely adorable! Im so glad the snow is not here yet. I hate snow, the only thing that could cheer me up would be these crackers .

  2. I’d like to nibble on those little critters! And with spinach yes!! Boo for the snow though! NOT a fan! I’m always freezing…hehe!

  3. these sound delicious! spinach and parm go so well together. and they’re so cute! heck, i want them for my snack (my current snack has been raw almonds. booooring).

  4. I quiver just reading you talk about snow and winter. I know it’s coming, though. There was frost around here this morning on the vehicles so it’s only a matter of time. Ugh. Do you know I’ve never made homemade crackers? I’ve clearly been missing out cause these are so easy! And what a sneaky way to sneak some green veg into your kiddos diet! Brilliant! I would even love to have these on my next pickie plate with cheese and meats for weekend eats. The little animals shapes are too cute!

    • Aah I know – I’m sorry to give you a scare. It’s too early for snow! Luckily the weather got waaay nicer later this week and most of the snow if melted. Yes!! You must try homemade crackers! They’re crazy easy! Thanks Dawn! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend 🙂

  5. OOOOH I do not like cold weather AT ALL !!! It actually never snows here. We have to travel up country to the Drakensberg mountains if we want a glimpse of the snow. I love our coastal warm weather ALL YEAR ROUND!
    But I do enjoy some cool days when you can bake deliciousness in the kitchen. These monster crackers are such a treat and I am sure that my picky little niece, who hates veggies will absolutely love these. So I will be baking her a batch to take when I see her this weekend and maybe sneak in a few for myself as well !!!
    Keep warm and have a great week 🙂

    • Ashika you are making me even more certain that Etienne and I need to move to South Africa!! I am incredibly jealous of your year-round sunny days. It’s great that you appreciate it!! I hope your picky niece likes these crackers!! It’s a great way to sneak those veggies in! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. These are adorable! I bet your boys love them… Nothing like a great homemade cracker!!

  7. The Home Cook's Kitchen

    these are so cute! i love them! such a great idea, I can imagine it must be hard getting the little ones to eat veggies! i also love that you had to take out the ark cutter 😅 i would usually say enjoy the snow, but i can imagine it would be so unexciting after a while!

  8. I can’t believe you’ve already had snow! I’m so excited for our first snow, but it may be a while.

    Loving these little cutie cracker! They sound delicious too – perfect snack for kids of all ages!

  9. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen

    These are the cutest! I want them as a fully grown adult :). I’m so not a snow person, hence the move to Phoenix where I’m pretty sure snow would signal the end of the world. I’m sending you sunny thoughts!

  10. Winter already? thinking on moving to Toronto and sending me a batch of these cute crackers on regular basis?? LoI l, love making crackers at home, I think I might give these a shot sometime..

  11. LOVE this recipe! These sound delicious. I love veggie crackers and your spin on them is so cute!

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  14. this is so annoying. I am trying to read reviews of anyone who may have made these so I can see how they turned out. The recipe seems off. All the reviews are dumb paid people swooning over crap she wrote. Not one real critique

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