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Cherry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

This healthy, flavorful and filling cherry coconut smoothie is so thick and creamy, you’ll need to eat it from a bowl! It’s a coconut milk smoothie bowl that’s perfect for topping with granola, coconut and fresh fruit!

coconut-cherry smoothie bowl

OK – I know a smoothie bowl is nothing astonishing or inventive for all you foodies out there, but to me, it’s a new thing. And a great thing. How have I taken this long to try making my own!? I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram and Pinterest for ages and for some reason I just go, “wow, that looks yummy”, without actually trying one.

Well, I’m happy to say I took the plunge. I’ve tried a few different combinations and played around with different milks and fruits, but I keep coming back to this cherry coconut smoothie. You guys, it’s SO good! I almost feel like I’m eating ice cream for breakfast…key word “almost”. It still tastes healthy and nourishing, the way breakfast should. Plus it really is full of healthy things, like spinach, flax and almond butter.

cherry-coconut smoothie bowl

Before I get to the bottom of this bowl (HA HA) I need to tell you what I did last night. Ohmygosh. It was a pretty warm day so I decided to bake our chicken in the old oven downstairs…. yes we have another oven downstairs…comes in handy on hot days!! Anyway. I only brought one oven mitt downstairs to bring the chicken back up, and as I was carrying it up the stairs my hand started to get realllllly hot so I quickly popped the piping hot dish down on the old…carpeted stairs…(see where I’m going with this?)…to readjust the one oven mitt….and yup. Burnt the carpet. Big time. And now there’s old gross carpet stuck to the bottom of my casserole dish.

I had one of those moments where I contemplated not saying anything to Etienne and hoping he just wouldn’t notice, but there’s no way he wouldn’t notice. It’s bad. Like, really bad. Le sigh.

BUT, instead of lamenting on this unfortunate incident…let’s talk about this cherry coconut smoothie bowl again!!

cherry-coconut smoothie bowl

What do you put in a smoothie bowl?

This thing comes together in no time, which is perfect for a busy weekday morning. You’ll likely have everything you need for this in your house already:

  • frozen cherries
  • frozen banana
  • handful of spinach (or kale)
  • coconut milk (light or full fat)
  • ground flax
  • almond butter (any nut butter will work)

You basically just throw everything into the blender, mix it up and pour it into a bowl.

What do you top a smoothie bowl with?

This is the fun part! You can top your smoothie bowl with whatever you like! I highly recommend adding my cherry-almond granola on top. That little bit of crunch is nothing short of perfection. And a drizzle of honey!

I prefer my smoothie bowl to be quite thick, so I can easily eat it with a spoon, but if you’re really in a hurry and just want to make this in smoothie form and suck it back with a straw, add another 1/2 cup of coconut milk to the blend. Using full fat coconut milk will make this taste super thick and delicious, like a milkshake, but light coconut milk is totally fine too!

Oh, and if you have any acai powder, throw that in too for a nice pop of color!

It’s Monday my friends: here’s to a good week! Smoothie bowls for all!

cherry-coconut smoothie bowl

Here’s a few other “SMOOTH” ideas (haha) from the blog!

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cherry coconut smoothie

Cherry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

  • Author: Katherine
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1-2 smoothie bowls 1x


This healthy, flavorful and filling cherry coconut smoothie is so thick and creamy, you’ll need to eat it from a bowl! It’s a coconut milk smoothie bowl that’s perfect for topping with granola, coconut and fresh fruit!


  • 2 cups frozen cherries, whole and pitted
  • 1 frozen banana, in chunks
  •  handful spinach
  • 1 cup coconut milk (light or full fat)
  • 2 tsp ground flax
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • Optional toppings: sliced banana, coconut flakes, hemp hearts, chia seeds, blueberries, granola


  1. Place all smoothie ingredients in the blender and blend on high until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Pour into a large bowl, and add with optional toppings. Enjoy!

Recipe makes about 2.5 cups.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: breakfast
  • Method: blending
  • Cuisine: american

Keywords: cherry coconut smoothie // berry smoothie bowl // coconut smoothie bowl

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smoothie bowl

Cherry Coconut Smoothie Bowl


  1. I feel that smoothie bowls have taken the back seat now. Love the flavor combo in this bowl – coconut milk and cherries, yum!! Have a great week Katherine:)

  2. That looks so delicious 😍 Thats the only way i can manage to get that healthy spinach in my system😀 And the carpet story is hilarious 😂

  3. Oh nooooooo!!!! ThaT’s too bad, but not much you can do. You wouldn’t want to burn your hand either – that would have been worse!
    I love my smoothie bowls thick too and this one looks gorgeous! Love the colours and it is such a lovely (and healthy) way to start the day (let’s not forget coffee 😉 ).

  4. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen

    Oh NOOO! I’m so sorry about your carpet! But like Dawn said, better the carpet than your hand! This is such a delish-sounding smoothie bowl–perfect for drowning your sorrows about that burn mark! Have a great week Katherine!

  5. Ben|Havocinthekitchen

    This carpet story is funny although it might be not indeed. I just clearly can depict myself in a similar situation. Sometimes I try to pretend I’m surprised when I asked what has happened. Unfortunately, probably thanks to my notorious reputation, no one believes in my innocence:) Talking about this bowl, no wonder you like this combo. The subtle coconut flavor and sweet and tart cherries make the perfect marriage!

  6. Your poor carpet!! But at least you have a funny story to go with it 😉 This smoothie bowl looks yummy. If only I had a blender!! I know….I know. No excuse for why I don’t have one. Except I just always use my food processor. I have a banana in the freezer too! Yum! Xoxo

  7. Yum! Such a delicious an nutrient-dense bowl, Katherine!

  8. Smoothie bowls are the best, right!? For some reason I feel more fulfilled after eating a smoothie bowl vs. drinking a smoothie. I think it’s the spoon and the bowl, it tricks the mind into thinking you are actually eating something with more sustenance? I donno. BUT, what I DO know is this one is gorgeous!! LOVING the cherry and coconut combo!! Cheers, friend!

    • You are SO right. It’s definitely the spoon! Maybe more drinks should be eaten with spoons? Haha thank you so much! I love the cherry with coconut too, I kept coming back to it! Hope you’re having a great week Chey!

  9. I have yet to make a smoothie bowl! This sounds delicious tho. When my Vitamix comes I’ll definitely give it a try. I love those beautiful photos too 🙂

    • I’m surprised at how long it took me to finally make one! Aah – I’ll be so jealous of your Vitamix. They’re supposed to be simply amazing. Thank you Lindsay! Coming from you, that’s a great compliment 🙂 Cheers!

  10. this color!! i made smoothie bowls over memorial day weekend, but my friend and i decided we wanted 3 different ones and wanted to use fruit that had that frosty quality going on. a bit of a time suck but much healthier than our usual cake/ice cream/etc (: and oh no about your carpet!! at least it has more …character now.

  11. I finally made a smoothie bowl last year and this one looks way better than mine. 🙂 It looks delicious and healthy!! Sorry about the rug! Drats!! 🙁

  12. I love a good smoothie bowl, this one looks like perfection! I love how decorated it looks! Too pretty to eat but thats never stopped me 😉 . Take care.

  13. I have yet to make a smoothie bowl, but if I take the plunge, your recipe will be my inspiration. So sorry about the carpet. I did the same a few decades ago, but left an iron mark on the basement carpeting thinking I’d save time by ironing on the floor. Sheesh, not a smart move! At least yours was an accident 🙂

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  16. The best way to use up frozen fruit! This smoothie bowl looks so good with the cherry and coconut! I must add this to my list to try!

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