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It’s summer, and summer means carnivals, fairs, and the Calgary Stampede! Celebrate the most fun time of year with these 12 fair food recipes that you can easily make at home!

It’s the last weekend here for the Calgary Stampede. It strikes me every year how quickly these 10 days fly by! When I was younger I would go to my hometown’s very own fair, and feast on all the exciting treats that you can only get when you’re at a carnival. 

In the spirit of things, I’ve rounded up a few fair food recipes from my blogger friends to inspire you to make some of your favourite carnival foods at home!

What is the most popular fair food?

That’s a tough one, since it can vary widely by province/state and cities! From what I can gather, some of the most popular fair food recipes include funnel cakes (we used to call them elephant ears) and cotton candy. Lucky for you guys, I’ve got recipes for all sorts of options, including two different funnel cakes!

To go to the recipe, just click on the links below!

Happy carnival season!

1. Caramel Apple Cupcakes – Love In My Oven

Turning a fair favourite into a fabulous cupcake – completely customizable with all of your favourite caramel apple toppings!

caramel apple cupcakes


2. Homemade Funnel Cake – Live Well Bake Often

This easy homemade funnel cake recipe tastes just like the classic fair favorite!


3. Pampushky (Mini Ukranian Doughnuts) – Food Meanderings

A light and airy raised doughnut without filling. These traditional Ukrainian donuts are made into modern mini (Stampede-style) doughnuts and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.


4.  Beer Battered Bratwurst Corn Dogs – Buy This Cook That

Homemade beer batter on your favourite savory bratwursts, then deep fried to golden perfection!


5. Easy Baked Churro Bites – Bite Sized Kitchen

These Easy Churro Bites (with chocolate sauce) are a fun version of a fair favorite but BAKED so they wont leave your house smelling of fast food! 


6. Tiger Tail No-Churn Ice Cream – Love In My Oven

No-churn tiger tail ice cream made without an ice cream machine!

Tiger Tail No-Churn Ice Cream


7. Easy Churros Recipe – Stylish Cravings


8. Strawberry Shortcake Funnel Cakes – Grandbaby Cakes

Classic summer fair funnel cakes get a fun seasonal twist with a strawberry shortcake flavour!


9. Oven Baked Curly Cheese Fries – The Gluten Free Homestead

These oven baked curly cheese fries are a wonderfully healthy potato snack.


10. Homemade Caramel Popcorn – Queenslee Appetit

Homemade caramel popcorn made with a delicious homemade caramel sauce for a sweet, buttery, crunchy and fun snack!


11. Ground Beef Taquitos – Mama Maggie’s Kitchen

Dip this crunchy and delicious Mexican appetizer into salsa or guacamole, and it’s like a piñata breaking in your mouth!


12. Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites – Dancing Through the Rain



12 Fair Food Recipes

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  1. Such a fun collection of yummy eats, Katherine! Your caramel apple cupcakes are so fun! While there’s no stampede around here, it is the weekend so any of these would be perfect 🙂 Hope you have a good one, my friend! XOXO

    1. Thanks Dawn! I love the caramel apple cupcakes too, they’re one of my fave treats!! I’m thinking it’s time I make another batch soon. Yay weekend – hope yours was great!! XO

  2. It’s been way to long since I indulged in any fair food and you have me craving fried dough, haha! This is such a fun roundup! Have a great weekend, Katherine!

    1. Oh man, fried dough!!! So good. Etienne got a deep fried cookie dough at the Stampede. SO RICH haha! I think you’d love it 😉

  3. these are some great recipes for quick food i can make at weekends thanks for such easy to make recipes 🙂 really appreciate this

  4. Now I want to go to the fair!! Or I can just stay home and make all these yummy treats! Fabulous round up!!

    1. YES if you can’t make it to the fair you can just indulge in some homemade treats!! Thanks Kelly! XO

  5. I’ve been following along on IG as you and others have visited the Calgary Stampede. Looks like fun! We don’t really have anything comparable here, but I would definitely find a way to enjoy some of these fair foods you’ve rounded up here! I’ve always loved your caramel apple cupcakes! They are so fun and creative!

    1. It’s SO fun, Leanne. Maybe one day you can make it out West during Stampede week. You’d love it! The whole city goes western, haha. Thank you! Those cupcakes are one of my favourite recipes too!

  6. Such a clever collection! Who can get enough of fair food? I know I can’t! Now we can make it at home! Love it!!

    1. YES it’s almost dangerous to know how easily you can make some of these recipes at home!! Thanks Annie! XO

  7. Loving all of these fun Fair related recipes! For me, funnel cakes are definitely my number one must have at a fair! I can never resist that delicious fried dough smell!! I also love fried oreos! SO good!!

    1. OH my goodness, I know!!! I just love that fried dough smell too!!! My hubby got deep fried cookie dough at the Stampede this weekend, haha it was so rich!! Delicious though!

  8. Fried dough and apple crisps are my favorite fair food. This is quite a list! They all look so good, I’d love to have a little of everything!!