3 Ingredient S'MOREOS

Ramp up your s'mores game! These s'moreos can be made in the oven or over the fire!


S'moreos are a great party treat or camping dessert!

Totally customizable! Use any Oreo flavor you want!


Make just a few or as many as you want!

You'll only need 3 INGREDIENTS!

-Oreos (any flavor) -small marshmallows -chocolate chips

Step by Step

1. Separate the Oreos in half keeping the frosting in tact on one half of the cookies

2. Top each frosting half with a small marshmallow

3. Place 4 chocolate chips on the unfrosted halves

4. Broil the cookies in the oven for 3-4 minutes or until marshmallows are golden brown

5. Remove cookies and once cool enough to handle, place the melted chocolate half on top of the marshmallow half.


Bring the campfire to you!



- Use any flavor Oreo you want! Try mint, birthday cake, peanut butter or golden Oreos!

- Don't use too big of marshmallow or it'll puff up too much!

- If you only have giant marshmallows you can cut them to fit

- Try a different flavor of chocolate!

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