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cherry almond granola

Cherry Almond Granola

Granola. How I love granola! It’s one of my favorite things to snack on, day or night. It’s great in yogurt, mixed up with some fresh berries, and it’s so good on it’s own. My all time go-to granola recipe is definitely my coco-chocolate chunk pecan granola but sometimes I want a granola without all […]

Girl Guide Cookie Bars

Hi! How are you? If you had a long weekend like me, how was it? I was at a family reunion in the town of Drumheller for most of it, and I have to say it was pretty fun. The words “family reunion” generally seem to make people cringe a little, or […]

Nutella-Pear French Toast Bake

You’ve made it to Friday again! Congratulations! Am I the only one that gets excited on a Friday just thinking about all of the weekend fooding? Especially on long weekends! My website traffic stats tell me that many of you lovely readers are from the US of A, so I don’t […]


10 Thoughts for Thursday

1.  My Mother’s Day present. I already told you about the gift card I got in my banana muffins post but I haven’t told you what I bought. Among so many other cool things, I bought this lucky rooster. I had to. It spoke to me! 2.  Construction zones. Without […]

Baby and me banana muffins

Baby-and-Me Banana Muffins

Well, Mother’s Day is over! I have to say it was a pretty great day. Etienne let me sleep in, and had breakfast waiting for me when I got up, along with an adorable card featuring the footprints and handprints of my tiny little loves. Oh – and a gift […]

vanilla bean rooibos bread

Vanilla Bean Rooibos Bread

It’s almost Mother’s Day! This is not a reminder to my husband, who is very likely reading this post. I’m lucky enough that he has planned ahead and has arranged a dinner reservation for Saturday night. It’s a surprise – I can’t wait! Eating out might be one of my […]

moroccan couscous-stuffed acorn squash

Moroccan Couscous-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Hi all, how is the week going? Many of my fellow food bloggers were at the Everything Food Conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend. I so would have loved to go, especially after hearing about how wonderful the speakers were. Maybe next year. So, instead of immersing myself into […]

Taco Salad

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday. It’s Cinco de Mayo!! Although I’m all the way up in Canada, and I am not even a little bit Mexican, I think this is such a fun holiday and really, a perfect excuse to enjoy delicious Mexican-inspired food (and drink) and have a little […]

10 thoughts for thursday

10 Thoughts for Thursday

1. Like my tank? I got this wicked cool top in the mail this week from my friend Ashley, owner of Britton & Gray Inc. Check her out! 2. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Such a fun holiday, even if you aren’t at all Mexican! For me, it’s a great excuse to eat the […]

Caramel-Stuffed Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Caramel-Stuffed Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Caramel-stuffed oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. WOW that’s a mouthful. In more ways than one, I promise! A mouthful of silky smooth, sweet caramel, melty chocolate, and gooey oatmeal cookie. Umm…yum? I don’t think anything beats the classic combination of caramel and chocolate. Just typing those two words in conjunction makes me […]

Raspberry Coconut Bites

This past week I bought something I’ve never bought before. I did it on a whim, while perusing the grocery store with my baby on my back. I actually can’t believe I have never purchased it, considering I love to try new foods and recipes. What is this mysterious ingredient, you ask? […]

lazy perogies

Lazy Perogies

You guys. I realized this weekend how literally OUT OF SHAPE I am. I had a massage booked for myself for 3pm, and at 2:20pm I went, “Hey! Why don’t I ride my bike there”?! Brilliant idea. Right?! Google Maps told me that it takes 25 minutes on a bike. Perfect! […]